Grass-Fed Free-Range Meats Can Be Affordable!

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4 Cost-Effective Ways to Shop for Grass-Fed / Free-Range Meats


Besides the fact that grass-fed and free-range meat tastes better, it is also the healthier alternative to grain-fed meat. Grass-fed and free-range meat lacks the hormones and antibiotics injected in industrially-raised meat. Recently, there has been growing controversy surrounding the subject of animals and antibiotics in our meat. As time goes on, it becomes clear that natural is the way to go. Of course, this option comes with a price. Luckily, there are ways to beat the high price tag of grass-fed and free-range meats.

Visit a local farmer’s market

Is there a farmer’s market in your city? If not, see if there is one close to you. Find farmer’s markets nearby with LocalHarvest,, a website dedicated to the “buy local” movement and raising awareness of farms and food sources as “our best guarantee against a world of styrofoam-like long-shelf-life tomatoes and diets dictated from corporate boardrooms.” Buying local and directly from farmers leads to cheaper prices and relationships with the farmers. A lot of the cost of products we see in grocery stores is due to packaging, shipping, and other factors, and not the product itself.

Find farms that ship to you

Maybe you live in an area without an accessible farmer’s market. Check out EatWild, where you can find farms that ship to you, and often in bulk, decreasing the overall price of the meat. Still, buying locally, when possible, is preferable. When we help out our local farmers, we also help out ourselves; buying from farms directly promotes business growth and cheaper prices.

Prioritize your diet

If you want to begin eating healthier, it is necessary to edit your diet. Are you eating a lot of processed foods? Even if those crackers are organic, for example, they are still processed. Make the choice to cut out processed food and focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods (grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.). This will result in a lower grocery bill. Organic processed foods can be very expensive, but buying whole foods in bulk typically is not. The savings you reap can then be used to purchase grass-fed and free range meats, without having to ask yourself, “Am I saving enough?”

Less is more

The ultimate way to save money on grass-fed and free-range meat is to go vegetarian. However, this requires a thoughtful planning out of each meal to ensure you are consuming the proper nutrients. And let’s face it: meat can taste pretty good. The best compromise is to eat less meat per week. If you are aiming to eat healthier, you will be doing this naturally, anyway; it’s common knowledge that eating less meat is better for your health. Reducing your meat consumption to one or two times per week will drastically save you money, improve your health, and open up your diet to a wide range of exciting meal possibilities, with or without meat.

Reader feedback:

Do you live in an area that has nearby access to a farmer’s market?  Or share with us your best "deal" on obtaining affordable grass-fed / free-range meat?


About our Guest Blogger:  Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping consumers find the best prepaid tuition and college savings plans. She welcomes feedback via her Google + account.

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