How To Crack Open A Coconut | Tutorial With Photos


Crack Open A Coconut

How to crack open a coconut (tutorial with pics):

Opening a coconut can be tricky. But after this tutorial, I hope that you will have more confidence to purchase one, crack open that hard shell and enjoy!  Plus it is heck of a lot cheaper this way....

Have you seen a coconut (like the one above) at the grocery store and wondered how to open it "crack it open" when you got home?  Well, I've got a special treat for you.  I'm a Tropical soul longs to live in the tropics....with the warm climate that is great for growing foods most associated with the tropics.  Foods like: pineapple, mango, guave, papaya, bananas and of course....coconut!

Tools Needed:

  • one coconut
  • hammer
  • nail
  • glass
  • butter knife
  • bowl


Crack Open A Coconut

Hold the coconut and notice the three (3) eyelets on one side.  See first photo above.

Use the nail and hammer and poke holes in all three eyelets.  Don't hit to hard because you will have to pull the nails out in order to drain the coconut water. I have used a clean screwdriver to poke holes in the coconut. Makes it a lot easier to pull out the screwdriver instead of a nail.

Then turn over the coconut onto a glass and collect the coconut water.  Time varies....may take up to five minutes to drain.  Afterwards, strain the water and drink (or mix into a smoothie) - very delicious!

Crack Open A Coconut

Go back and view the very first photo above. Notice the groove around the coconut.

Find a good place for this next step - driveway, rock, or concrete floor - don't want you to mess up your counter-top!  Using a hammer, hit around that groove and on each end.  Continue to hit the hard shell. Keep turning the coconut and hitting it to break the shell in many places.

I have seen other tutorials telling to smack the coconut that is wrapped in a towel. This works, but I like to see what I am hitting and keep the "coconut meat" intact as much as possible.

Crack Open A Coconut

Gather all your coconut pieces.  Use your butter knife to separate the meat from the shell.

Crack Open A CoconutWash the meat and enjoy your fresh raw coconut!

Storage options:

Refrigerator (2-7 days)
Freezer (1-3 months)
Shredded/Grated and dehydrated (6-12 months)


I hope you enjoyed this little photo tutorial on How to Crack Open a Coconut!

I would love to hear from you.  Let me know what you think. Or if you have ever "cracked open" your own coconut?


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